Someone Had To Do It
Johnstown, Ohio

Someone Had To Do It

Johnstown, Ohio
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Dustin Gerken Design


All we know is rolling dice. A small 1907 American farmhouse gives life to a modern spirit.

The design brief was to dream up a responsive environment that moved with and allowed access to the clients' daily lives.  

"No matter what, expect the unexpected.  And whenever possible, BE the unexpected."  - Lynda Barry

Adapting, learning, failing, experimenting and ultimately pulling it all together was the hallmark for this project.  We always urge clients to live as well as they dare, and this project made that a reality.  Inter-mixing wood tones that range from fumed pear and black walnut to bleached white oak were a proving ground for "...should we do this?  Sure."

Bespoke details are in nearly every room - some jump out.  Others are more coy.  Recessed, back-lit panels in the Kitchen, flush tile-to-drywall transitions in the bathrooms.  Discreet storage in unexpected places add intrigue and mystery to a house that wasn't originally designed for modern life.  In the early 1900's closets weren't as essential to everyday life as they now are.  Kitchens weren't for gatherings and bathrooms didn't receive the care we now give them.  These spatial challenges were hard points that actually helped yield spectacular results in the end when we were forced into overcoming them with more elegance than anything else.

“Skill to do comes of doing."


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