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Powell, Ohio

Less To Do

Powell, Ohio
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The brief was straight forward: The clients wanted "less to do" at home.

The brief was straight forward:  The clients wanted "less to do" at home.  They wanted their Kitchen redesigned so it was easier to live and enjoy their property.  They wanted to simplify the Kitchen and build something that was easier to care for, easier to clean, and easier to enjoy.  The clients enjoy their two large dogs and they were part of the brief as well - "...we don't want to have to worry about them in a new Kitchen," the clients said.

We set out to consolidate the cabinetry with the eat-in table adjacent to the Kitchen.  This allows the family to pull closer together and multi-task more easily.  Technology has allowed us to switch between the work/play barrier so quickly that we were after a home that followed suit and didn't stand in the way.

The previous design of the Kitchen was darker and fitted in heavier tones of wood and paint.  Brighter colors, more natural wood tones and a sense of airy lightness allow the occupants to bounce around the space as easily as they'd like.  The surfaces wipe up easily, the colors reflect the sunlight and help illuminate the spaces for cleaning,

Changing the way they live in the busiest room in the house was a great challenge but also a great reward.  When done well, design can help mitigate feelings and actions by simplifying the everyday into a place they never want to leave.

"Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are."


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